Monday, November 17, 2014

Hobart Escorts: 7 Tricks for Explosive Sex

Posted by Candy Palmer at 7:40 PM
Hobart Escorts
It's true that not all women are the same, especially when it comes to sex. So how do you make sure time in the sack isn't just for you? The ladies at Hobart Escorts share some moves guaranteed to please each time.

Focus on her back. There's so much more to a woman's body than her boobs and cunt. Her entire back is just as sensitive as the front, so try kissing the nape of her neck. For heightened pleasure, cup her breasts at the same time.

Play with temperature. Her nipples are more sensitive once hard and erect, but don't fixate on them. Breathe or blow warm air on her breasts, then slowly and gently rub an ice cube over them. The difference between hot and cold will be extra-arousing.

Blindfold her. Use a sleep mask, a scarf, or your tie, and make sure the fit is snug, but not too tight to be uncomfortable. Then plant kisses or caress her in unexpected areas. Anticipation builds excitement during sex, so use that to your advantage.

Massage her down there. The nerve endings of her clit extend to either side of her vagina, so gently rubbing that area using circular motions is a sure-fire way to make her beg for more. You can do this before oral, or before entering her – and you'll have no problem if you do.

Use the wall. Before taking it to the bed (or the couch), slowly move her against the wall and use your knee to spread her legs. Press your thigh between hers; that's one way to stimulate her clitoral area.

Bring in some cream. Make sure there's an extra sheet first before taking some whipped cream and writing words on her body, or make other patterns. Then slowly lick the cream off.

Twist it up. If she's up for it, tie her ankles together before entering her in the missionary position. Not being able to spread her legs wide will create a tighter feel, so you feel bigger to her.

Not convinced? Check out Hobart Escorts for that special pleasure professional. When it's time to do the deed, try out these moves and get ready for a hot and truly orgasmic night.


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