Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Bedroom Requests She's Tired of Hearing

Posted by Candy Palmer at 11:21 PM
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You may think that, in sex, it's okay to ask for something because, after all, you're being open with your partner – right? However, according to several women, including a few Hobart escorts, there are certain questions or requests that the fairer sex are tired of hearing from their partners. Asked one too many times and it can lead to lacklustre sex, or worse, a lack of it.

So here are those potential bedroom troublemakers, whether you're just dating, you're engaged, or you're already married.

1.      Spit or swallow? If she has a habit of spitting when she gives you head, she has her reasons. Maybe she had a bad experience with an ex, or – unfortunately – your taste isn't to her liking. Don't pressure her too much, experts say. Instead, ask her why she prefers to spit, and let her know you won't judge her on her answer.

What do you do if she says you taste awful? Add more bananas and citrus fruits, not to mention wheatgrass and cinnamon to your diet. Oh, and cut back on red meat and quit smoking, if you want better-tasting semen.

2.      Watching porn. It may be okay once in awhile, perhaps to help you both loosen up by laughing at the cheesy dialogue. But if this request is so you can get off by having another couple, albeit on-screen, she may lose her arousal. It's as though you're telling her you can't reach the big O just by sexing it up with her.

3.      Talking dirty. It's better to let the dirty talk flow when she feels like letting it out, instead of interrupting what can be a great session just to ask her to do so. While she's in the zone, she doesn't want to think about anything else, or she'll lose her orgasm. Initiate the dirty talk yourself, or ask her some dirty questions to get her used to the lingo.

4.      No sex toys. Sometimes, she can't sum just from you thrusting in and out of her; she needs vibes of the pleasurable variety. Of course, it's understandable for you to be intimidated if she names her vibrator, or says her dildo is better than the actual thing.

So lighten up a bit, let her bring a friend to the bedroom, and improve your sexual technique so she doesn't have to use a sex toy that often.

5.      Was it good? Yes, you need reassurance that your lovemaking is still up to par, and that you can still make her groan when you get frisky under the sheets. However, asking this question every time you have sex, she's going to see you as insecure. Learn to tell just by feel alone – does she cling to you or just lie still when she climaxes?

Learn to read her body language in bed, several Hobart escorts add, and she won't be put off when you ask for some verbal feedback after some time. 


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